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Add Insulation/Ice Pack for $3 during the warm season


Orders between April 1 and September 30 may need to be packed with insulation material to ensure the quality of chocolate when shipped to destinations that may be warmer than 75 degrees. We offer insulation/ice packs option for $3/order.  We do look at the weather in your area.  In some instances we may delay shipping if a it looks like we can ship in cooler temperatures.  We only will ship Monday - Wednesday in most cases, so your package is not sitting in a postal facility over a weekend.   In certain instances, we may contact you to upgrade to 2nd Day Air or Next Day Air shipping if the delivery location is projected to have a temperature above 80 degrees. We are not responsible for missing, stolen or damaged packages after they are delivered to the address specified by the customer or for orders returned or delayed due to incorrect or undeliverable addresses.

When the weather is over 75° at the destination zip code on the approximate delivery date, we will add a charge for insulation/ice packs.

For the most affordable shipping option, we choose USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope for 12-24 2-packs/Economy Shipping. When ordering more that 1 case, USPS Flat Rate boxes are the best option. We can fit up to 4 cases in a USPS Flat Rate Medium Box and up to 6 cases in a USPS Flat Rate Large Box.

Under normal temperatures, USPS flat rate shipping works for most cases. When the weather is warm, during Spring and Summer, more than 2 days in-transit is not recommended. For locations outside the 2-day delivery area from our zip code 46545, a 2-day delivery option must be selected (USPS Expedited or UPS) or your shipment will be held until it is safe to ship.

Please add Insulated Liner and Cold Packs.

Please feel free to call us at 574-255-2366 if you have any questions or concerns about your order. 


Chocolate recommended shipping & storage temperature:
Cool (16-21°C/60-70°F) and dry (relative humidity 50-60%)

As temperatures rise —starting in April/May and until September/October, the risk of chocolate melting in transit or after delivery increases. The temperature inside a mailbox or delivery truck can be 20+ degrees higher than recorded temperatures. Most chocolate melts as a result of being left unattended in a mailbox or by a door. As a precaution, temperature and delivery addresses are taken into consideration, shipping only Mondays through Wednesdays during the warm season, avoiding shipping on a day that will result in an order being in transit over the weekend or for more than two days. We will use insulation and/or insulation and ice packs to ensure the safety of your package during shipping. Also, orders received after Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.

We urge you to select an overnight delivery option if the temperature at your destination address is more than 80°F and you live more that two transit days away from our shipping zip code, 46545. Please make sure to note when the package will be arriving. We cannot be responsible for items left unattended or not sent overnight in warm weather to a distant location.


United States temperature maps: https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/national/weather-forecast-maps

Check temperature conditions at: www.weather.com

Days in transit from our facilities, zip code 46545, to your location: https://www.usps.com/priority-mail/map/

View and add Insulated Liner and Cold Packs

When placing your order
Make sure to choose a delivery address where someone will be available to accept the package or to an office, so it doesn't sit outside in the heat or is left in a hot mailbox. Our chocolate ships from northern Indiana, and if your order’s destination is 1-2 days away, USPS flat rate shipping, our preferred method, is a viable option. If your order is shipping to southern destinations, temperatures are crucial, and we may not be able to ship unless you choose a faster delivery method, such as UPS 2nd day or overnight.

After placing your order
Check the temperature in your area for the estimated delivery date and be expectant of your delivery.

Receiving our order
Make sure your package is not left outside your door in the sun, or in a hot mailbox. If the box feels warm, open immediately to expose your items to cooler indoor air. If product has softened at all, give it a chance to cool down and firm up again before handling.

What happens if your chocolate melts
Although we take measures to prevent chocolate from melting during the warmer months, it can still happen on very hot days. Davis Chocolate is not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses or addresses where delivery results in a package remaining in a hot, rainy, or otherwise unsuitable environment.